What are your gardening goals for 2024? Some green thumbs resolve to go bigger, others aim to try something new. And some just want to get started.

If you need some inspiration, consider these New Year’s resolutions for gardeners.

We’ve counted down a few favorites (many of which our team plans to get started with next spring). Whether you want to try something new in the garden next year, or want to fine-tune your results, here are some New Year’s gardening resolutions we hope will inspire you.

Top Gardening New Year’s Resolutions to Start Your Year

top gardening resolutions
Need some gardening inspiration? Consider these resolutions for yourself in 2024:

1. Unleash Your Inner Swiftie

Here’s one: Resolve to try a new color palette in your flower beds. Pastels are on trend!

Sherwin-Williams’ color of 2024 is Upward SW 6239, a gentle, powdery blue. And pastels like pistachio green and baby pink are hugely popular in fashion right now. Even Taylor Swift’s tune “Lavender Haze” and her love of hydrangeas are on trend.

So, in 2024, consider adding some charming pastel hues in your garden. Try pink snapdragons for soft pinks or pompon mums for a shade of gentle lavender.

2. Celebrate in Style

This next gardening resolution will help you show off those soothing pastels. Turn your garden into a destination in 2024 and host a garden party.

But you don’t just have to stop at hosting. Consider transforming your garden veggies into party favors. Strawberries and raspberries are the perfect cocktail accoutrement, while mini cucumber and tomatoes sandwiches make yummy finger foods for partygoers.

Remember: A garden party should be a celebration of your hard work. So, be sure to add a lovely bouquet of freshly cut flowers to embellish your table arrangements.

3. Warm Up to Some Herbs

Here’s a resolution that will keep you busy through winter. Try growing herbs indoors (and incorporate them in your favorite winter recipes)!

Chives enhance the flavors of a hearty potato soup, while oregano adds earthy notes to lasagnas. Mint is another favorite cold-season herb. It’s great for tea. (Mint contains menthol, which helps soothe winter colds). And it’s a powerful stomach soother.

You’ll also find numerous winter time uses for rosemary (which is great to bring indoors for the winter). Rosemary is perfect in warm bubble baths, for soothing muscle aches and revitalizing skin.

4. Explore Farmers’ Markets

Resolve to make weekly trips to the farmers’ market next year!

Farmers’ markets provide a wonderful source of inspiration. You’ll see what’s in season, what grows well in your region, and most farmers are happy to share gardening tips and advice.

Another great thing: Farmers’ markets tend to be great places to shop for transplants in the spring. You can find unique heirloom varieties that you wouldn’t find at Big Box stores, interesting cut flowers, and some farmers’ markets also host seed exchanges.

Finally, visiting farmers’ markets promotes eco-consciousness. You’ll reduce your footprint and support local farmers.

5. Create a Compost Bin

Here’s another one that will help support goals of being more eco-conscious. Composting is a nature-friendly means of disposing of food and garden waste. Plus, you’ll be creating a highly nutrient-rich amendment to use in your garden beds. It’s a win-win!

One way to make it unique: Try a different type of composting in 2024.

For example, you might try worm composting, which is great for indoors (in any season). Or you could try direct composting, by adding food scrapes directly to your garden.

6. Pick Out a House Plant

Chances are, you’ve seen videos on Instagram featuring snake plants and ficus. Houseplants became wildly popular during COVID.

But here’s why you should resolve to do it: Growing houseplants keeps you engaged in gardening (no matter the season). Plus, houseplants improve your well-being. For example, they can create an atmosphere of tranquility with the potential to alleviate stress and enhance concentration.

Wrapping Up

Setting a New Year’s resolution is useful for gardeners. It can be a powerful motivator to get you out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Or it can inspire you to accomplish new goals. Hopefully these resolutions inspired you, but we’d love to hear your plans.

What are your gardening resolutions for 2024? We’d love to hear! Connect with Homegrown Outlet on Facebook or Instagram to tell us about your gardening goals.

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