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How do I make my soil richer organically???

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My raised beds are pretty neglected, and just did a soil test and nutrient content and pH are a little low. What's the best way to improve soil quality organically? 

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Hi Darius, 

Good idea to do a soil test! 

Amending soil is something I've learned from trial and error. Basically, you need to integrate organic matter into your garden or you can start using cover crops. Do this before you plant in the spring!  

Adding organic matter is the easiest. Just grab a bag of an amendment (lots of organic options) at your local Homegrown Outlet. Some of the best are: 

  • Worm castings - better for smaller areas or in containers.
  • Compost - Choose something full of nutrients or DIY. (A tip I share with gardeners is: To get really good at gardening, learn how to compost!) 
  • Manure - I live in a rural-ish area and can get manure pretty easily. There's also bagged options. Make sure you get aged manure! If it's fresh, it will be "hot" and heat up your plants too much. 
  • Leaf mold - If you have a lot of trees, use a mower to shred them in fall and then compost a couple seasons. This is another low-cost amendment.

For the ph issue, get some organic lime. Just be sure to follow the directions closely, because you don't want to make the soil too acidic.

👍 👍 Good luck!